Reflexology / Massage –

In our team, we focus on providing the best effect for one’s wellbeing and health.

Reflexology is a great way to relax by un-blocking the energy pathways to allow better flow of blood and oxygen. Certain points on the body will trigger reactions of the internal organs, similar in concept to acupuncture but without the needles!

Massage Therapy in our wellness center is a functional massage while achieving relaxation and reducing pain, improving one’s range of motion, improving circulation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and to maintaining one’s proper wellbeing.

The staff on site have a tremendous experience in various modalities of massage and healing, Reflexologists are well experienced in reflexology and energy channels, Massage Therapists must all pass the NCBTMB, MBLEx, or other acceptable certification. All our staff must pass a hands on interview before joining our team, and must maintain continuing education to ensure the best services. Other certifications and training include Pre-Natal, Trigger-Point, Neuromuscular, Lymphatic, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone, Sports, Chair, Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Chinese Herbal Capsules / Traditional Chinese Medicine –

Herbal Capsules are a holistic and natural way to balance and strengthen our bodies. From lineaments to oral supplements, the herbal formulae provide synergistic healing as well as mitigate side effects when taking strong pharmaceuticals. Herbs and supplements must only be administered by those who are trained and knowledgeable on the subject. Herbal capsules prepared by one trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have proven a better synergistic effect than self-administered herbs or supplements directed by those who are not certified or licensed.

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese therapy that uses vacuum pressure to draw up deoxygenated blood from deep within to the surface where the blood vessels can more easily disperse and oxygenate the blood. Depending on the issue, either dark colored blood will come to the surface, or very bright colored blood will come to the surface. This displacement causes oxygenated blood to be pulled deep into the body and organs, inducing a healing process. This phenomenon looks like a bruise but is not a bruise as no blood vessels are broken in this process. It has been measured that cupping can induce the beneficial effect up to around 3 inches into the body.

Acupuncture is also vital in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It stimulates the body to produce dopamine, endorphins, increase circulation, and relax muscles and nerves. It has been helpful for reducing or alleviating such issues as edema, inflammation and IBS, Crohn’s, ADHD, bipolar disorder, various injuries, and post surgery recovery.

At Windsor Herbalist, we take the quality of our herbs very seriously. For example, our vendors understand that ginkgo biloba needs to contain not only 24% flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones but also ginkgolic acid at less than 5 ppm.

The Chinese herbs we use are all concentrated extracts and not raw herbs or raw herb powers. As concerns arise on the contaminations of Chinese herbs by heavy metals and pesticides, all Chinese herb extracts we use need to be in compliance with the standards set by US Pharmacopoeia.

Our vendors manufacture the herbs in the USA in an FDA registered facility. The manufacturing process strictly follows the cGMP standards set by the dietary supplement industry. No ingredients other than what is listed on each label are included.

As the herbal products are of a very high potency, our vendors sell these high grade herbal products only to licensed and certified herbalists and not to the general public. Thus when we make each custom batch of herbs for our clients, it means that each capsule contains 100% natural concentrated herbal extracts, giving our clients the very best quality herbal synergy.

Tai Chi & Qigong –
In our fast paced society, it’s important to spend a few minutes a day to recenter ourselves. Qigong, meditation, and Tai Chi, are especially focused exercises that have been proven to improve the immune system, mental health, and also improve productivity at work and school. Qigong when learned properly has a tremendous beneficial effect on health as the movements and mental meditation allow one to reach high levels of mental clarity and internal circulation.

Practical Self-Defense & Cultural Martial Arts –

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 6.54.38 PMHaving trained with military and correctional officers, as well as my own experiences as an armed patrol officer and self-defense experiences while living in Brooklyn and Queens, I have tailored a short course designed for rapidly ingraining principle and movement into instinctive reaction, so rather than spending years to learn a cultural side of martial arts. The principles & techniques taught will give one confidence, knowledge, and instinctive skills to improve chances for survival. Self-defense with empty hand & tools such as spray, baton, knife, machete, tools of opportunity, and firearms can be integrated into the training as needed.

For those who wish to also learn the deeper and cultural aspects, the training can include the philosophy and cultural aspect of the Filipino & Chinese Martial Arts.