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Digestion is the Cornerstone of Wellness

Proper digestion is important especially considering that our body needs a proper intake of nutrients as well as a proper absorption of When Digestive 4 is taken in conjunction with appropriate exercise, Digestive 4 can enhance the results of your routine and help shape your metabolism. Eating will be more comfortable and you will absorb nutrients more efficiently. Digestive 4 contains our proprietary mixture of Atractylodes Rhizome, Schisandra, Notoginseng, Gardenia, Goji Berries, and other ingredients to maximize the synergy of the all natural herbs.

Made in the Pacific Northwest

We are a small family owned business, so purchasing our products goes directly to a family and not a corporation.
Our herb suppliers are GMP certified and test each batch for consistency, herbal potency, and safety. Our gelatin capsules are pharmaceutical grade, kosher and halal certified.
We order the raw materials in small batches and make the capsules right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Each batch is tested prior to bottling to ensure the efficacy is within range then bottled with the manufacture date on the label to ensure freshness.

Carefully Measured and Encapsulated

A Well Researched Solution

Gardenia has been well studied and known for it’s effects in the digestive process and metabolism. Gardenia has also been known to reduce gastritis, bloating, indigestion, and combined with Atractylodes Rhizome and other herbs in our formula, it reduces bowel inflammation, bladder infection, and your digestive process will feel vastly improved.

Naturally Improved Digestion

Excellent for Shaping Up

Digestive 4 is also good to take when exercising to improve benefits such as weight-loss and natural fat-burning, metabolism and endurance, and reduced abdominal discomfort.

Goji Berries, Powerful Anti-oxidant


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